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How Do You KNOW Your Calls Will Go Through When They Need To?

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You May Need Cellular or Public Safety Signal Testing If:

  • You are receiving complaints about poor coverage.

  • You get embarrassed by conversation gaps or dropped calls.

  • You have a new building under construction

  • Your Building is over 10,000 sq./ft.

  • You are getting ready to buy a Signal Booster System

  • Your local fire code requires Public Safety Grid Test / First Responder Two-way Radio coverage.

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No Signal?  Know Problem!

We assist our customers in making accurate, actionable analysis of indoor signal strengths to determine coverage enhancement needs.  Our In-Building Walk Tests are performed using the industry leading PCTEL IBflex SeeGull Scanner and SeeHawk Touch software.  Our investment in professional, Carrier-grade equipment enables us to accurately record thousands of data points to create colorized baseline wireless signal strength floor plan maps for your building.

Our expert experience has saved our customers hundreds of thousand of dollars by eliminating unnecessary improvements.

Envision In-Building Walk Tests protect your DAS investment by objectively verifying before and after signal strengths to ensure you get the coverage improvement you require within a budget you desire.


Our Walk Tests accurately record signal strengths and produce verifiable results.  


Our Walk Tests have saved our customers 100’s of thousands of dollars by eliminating unnecessary improvements.


Our Walk Tests ensure that you get the results you require within the budget you desire.

Image by Luke Chesser
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Making The Invisible, Visible...

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