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Commercial Properties - Existing Buildings

Multiple indoor and outdoor factors contribute to poor indoor cellular coverage.  Our In-Building Walk Test will identify strong and weak signal coverage areas within your building for each Carrier channel/frequency. We then design a signal booster solution to improve the weak coverage areas.

In-Building Walk Tests cost between $500 - $3,000 depending on size and density of building.  You receive an extensive In-building wireless coverage report, and the cost is credited back should a system be installed by us. Volume discounts available for multi-building tests.

Image by Luke Chesser

Advantages of performing Cellular In-Building Walk Tests;

•Verifies strong signal strengths and identifies weak signal areas

•Identifies best performing Carriers within buildings

•Strong signal strengths lead to increased occupancy rates

•Strong signal strengths lead to improved Guest/Tenant satisfaction

•Strong signal strengths reduce strain on Wi-Fi systems

•Strong signal strengths reduce potential liability for public safety

•Strong signal strengths improve cellular IoT for connected devices

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