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Public Safety

Fire codes around the country now require that the local Public Safety Radio System be fully operable inside the interior of most new buildings.

New building owners/managers subject to certain local jurisdiction fire codes may be required to submit a Radio Signal Strength Study (Public Safety Grid Test) that demonstrates that the existing local Public Safety Radio System signal levels meet Code or they will be required to install an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS).

Signal studies can only be conducted once the building is closed-in with all windows, doors, dry wall, exterior coatings, and roof in place.  Steps may be taken during building design and early construction that can alleviate delays and expense should an ERRCS be required. Building owners/managers are encouraged to make sure their building designers are aware early of the possibility of the need for an ERRCS installation and plan accordingly.

Image by Luke Chesser

Public Safety Grid Test requirements vary by location. 


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