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Mobile Network Operators
(and Account Managers)

We assist you and your customers in making accurate, actionable analysis of indoor signal strengths to determine coverage enhancement needs in a fraction of the time it takes compared to in-house methods.

Our In-Building Walk Tests are performed using the industry leading PCTEL IBflex SeeGull Scanner and SeeHawk Touch software.  Our investment in professional, Carrier-grade equipment enables us to accurately capture thousands of data points to create colorized baseline wireless signal strength floor plan maps for each of your channels/frequencies within any building.

Our expert experience has saved our customers hundreds of thousand of dollars in unnecessary improvements.

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Advantages of working with Envision Signal to perform

Cellular In-Building Walk Tests:

•Eliminates customer subjectivity to verify accurate channel signal strength within buildings.

•Helps determine if a viable outdoor donor signal is present or if an alternate signal source is required.

•MNO / Customer discussions are productive when using accurate signal strength data.

•Customer satisfaction is improved with our quick engagement time compared to in-house methods.

•Costs vary between $500 and $3,000 based on building size and density.

•Volume discounts available for multi-building tests.

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