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Connected Devices

Whether you are a Connected Device manufacturer or an end-user deploying Connected Devices within your building(s), you’ll need to ensure strong connectivity in order for these devices to function properly.  Multiple indoor and outdoor factors contribute to poor indoor cellular coverage which will hinder the performance of connected devices.  Our In-Building Walk Test will identify strong and weak signal coverage areas within your building for connected devices. We can also work with you to design a signal booster solution to improve the weak coverage areas so your devices work as they are intended to.

In-Building Walk Tests cost between $500 - $3,000 depending on size and density of building. You receive an extensive building wireless coverage report, and the cost is credited back should a system be installed by us. Volume discounts available for multi-building tests.

Contact us as early as possible prior to deployment if possible to discuss Walk Test timing.

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Advantages of performing Cellular In-Building Walk Tests;

•Verifies strong signal strengths and identifies weak signal areas

•Identifies best performing Carriers within buildings

•Strong signal strengths reduce potential liability for public safety

•Strong signal strengths improve cellular IoT for connected devices

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